How Rosario and Monisia Shed Over 16 Pounds in Just One Week: A Weight Loss Success Story


How Rosario and Monisia Shed Over 16 Pounds in Just One Week: A Weight Loss Success Story

In the heart of Arizona, a remarkable transformation took place at the Adult Weight Reduction Camp for Adults, known as Live-in-Fitness. This camp, designed to foster significant weight loss and fitness improvements, recently witnessed the incredible journeys of Rosario and Monisia, two women who collectively shed over 16 pounds in just one week. Their stories are not only inspiring but also a testament to the effectiveness of a structured fitness and nutrition program.

Rosario’s Journey to Fitness

Rosario, a 30-year-old aspiring coroner from Tucson, Arizona, had always been intrigued by the idea of improving her health and fitness. Her journey began when her friend Monisia, who had previously attended the Live-in-Fitness program, shared her positive experience and encouraged Rosario to join her this year. Rosario took the plunge and found herself immersed in the rigorous but rewarding environment of the bootcamp-style fitness program at Hangar 9, where she first met Eric V., the program’s lead instructor.

Impact on Life and Future Choices

Rosario’s experience at the Adult Weight Loss Camp Arizona was transformative. She noted that the program had a profound impact on her daily routines and lifestyle choices. “This experience has impacted my life in a positive way. I have made changes to my house, eating habits, and exercise routines. This will also help me with my kids at home. I believe that these workout routines will also benefit my kids, knowing that we’re trying to change and they can change as well,” Rosario shared.

Rosario's Journey to Fitness

Program Highlights

One of the key aspects Rosario appreciated was the comprehensive approach of the program. “I enjoyed the morning hikes and the supportive staff who pushed us to keep going and not give up. The lectures were very informative and helped me prepare for life after the program,” she explained. Eric V.’s program focuses on lectures, exercise classes, meal plans, and testing, all designed to guide participants towards their fitness goals.

Advice to Future Participants

Rosario emphasized the serious nature of the program and its focus on results. “This is a serious workout program that I highly recommend. It’s not a spa program; this is a bootcamp fitness program. People should expect to get their gluteus maximus worked off kicking butts and shaping guts,” she advised.

Monisia’s Path to Health

Monisia, a 33-year-old certified nurse assistant from Tucson, Arizona, had her own set of challenges after giving birth to her third child. Struggling to maintain an active lifestyle, she sought a solution online and discovered Live-in-Fitness in 2019. Her first encounter with Eric V. was at the Long Beach, California program, and she returned for more at the Scottsdale, Arizona location.

Overcoming Struggles

Monisia faced difficulties maintaining an active lifestyle, particularly in sports and playing with her children. She expected the bootcamp structure and was eager for more weight training. “In the Long Beach LIF program, it helped me maintain my meals and structure. I brought a support system this time, and we supported each other emotionally and physically. The program does work and is still great,” Monisia remarked.

Program Experience and Results

At Live-in-Fitness, participants undergo exercise testing, meal planning, nutrition lectures, and a variety of exercise classes. Monisia found the program’s structure and support system crucial to her success. She also highlighted the importance of having a support system, whether it’s friends, family, or fellow participants.

Words of Wisdom

Monisia offered advice to those considering the program: “When you’re ready to give up, remember why you’re here. You want to live your goals, so get back up.” She also reflected on the program’s impact during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. “The program gives fantastic results if you put your heart into it. Coming to Live-in-Fitness helped me. I struggled through COVID, but I had the basics down so that things didn’t get too out of proportion.”


Rosario and Monisia’s stories are shining examples of the power of dedication, support, and a well-structured fitness program. Their combined weight loss of over 16 pounds in one week is a testament to the effectiveness of Live-in-Fitness. For anyone contemplating a transformative journey towards better health and fitness, Rosario and Monisia’s experiences serve as powerful motivation to take that first step and commit to a program that truly delivers results.

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