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Easter Eggs & Ripped Abs?! Whaaat?!

Healthy Green Garden Omelet Here it comes! Another fun holiday and we here at Fitness Retreat know everyone loves to use as an excuse to binge. Everyone has that urge so don’t feel so bad. Besides, we got your back! Eggs are an old  staple of Easter and what better way to start your Easter […]


BOXING 101 CARDIO WORKOUT We are here to provide you with some very successful weight loss tips and tricks that we teach and preach at Fitness Retreat! If you want to burn fat and develop your stamina you NEED cardio. But running, cycling, and swimming isn’t for everyone. Many people choose to focus on competitive sports […]


The time is NOW! BREAK IT DOWN and SHED THE POUNDS with CARDIO-DANCE! At Fitness Retreat we’re huge fans of breaking it down to break a sweat. Not only is dancing a blast, but research has shown it can boost your mood, improve your body image, and cure anxiety. And if there’s one truth every person can agree on it’s this: The best kind of workout is the […]

How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals!

How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals Every year at the beginning of January, Americans flood the gyms to take on the most popular New Year’s resolution: get healthy. Before long, however, the crowds waiting to use the squat rack thin out and its back to normal. Sticking to weight loss goals is difficult and […]

What Can I Learn at A Fitness Camp?

What Can I Learn at A Fitness Camp? Fitness camp is about more than just going on a vacation and coming back lighter. It’s an opportunity to learn the skills and information you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Personalized Approach On daytime health and wellness shows and internet ads you will routinely hear, “This […]

4 Steps to Keeping our Brain Healthy!

4 Steps to Keeping our Brain Healthy True healthy living isn’t possible without a healthy brain. This includes giving the brain the nutrients it needs as well as mentally/psychological health. Often it’s next to impossible to get the rest of your body on track before you get your head right. Here are 4 ways to […]