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Hi, I'm Eric!

A master high-performance coach specializing in mental optimization and engineered fitness & nutrition dedicated to helping YOU to Upgrade Your Body, Career, Health, Relationships, Mindset, and Confidence. I am so glad you are here!

A little about me…..I am an expert wellness, fitness & lifestyle influencer while being a father to 2 daughters in high school, and a son who is doing post-grad courses while working with me. I am also in a long-term, loving relationship with my life partner and mother to our children, Sarah. I have been a collegiate and semi-pro athlete and bodybuilder, and own this successful and long-running fitness and weight loss camp “Fitness Retreat” where I have worked with many celebs, sports figures, and high-profile individuals. I am a writer, podcaster & vlogger, as well as a course creator. I use evidence-based practices gained after 26 years in the industry and through my own personal experiences, to effectively bridge the gap between scientific research and real life. I pride myself on being honest & transparent and the thing that brings me the most joy, is having the opportunity to help you overcome your most most stubborn mental, physical, and nutritional barriers so that you can achieve your greatest desires.


As a child, I couldn’t speak as I had a debilitating stutter, that caused me to be labeled & put in a box, which left me feeling helpless & alone. Then in my youth and young adulthood, I was an elite athlete, but my weight fluctuated by large amounts as I was an extreme yo-yo dieter which again left me with zero confidence & feeling alone.

But, you know what?  My struggles were really my superpowers & once I figured that out, I decided to stop being a victim and I took control of my life. 


You are not alone. At Fitness Retreat I will show you the step-by-step processes that I took to overcome my weaknesses and to become strong and successful.  I won’t let you down.  I will push you to be your best and to live a life you Love.



I believe a lot of people feel trapped in a life that they didn’t choose. Circumstances and a string of singular choices somehow carried you to where you are now. I know, because I have been there. But the thing is, you don’t need to stay where you are. You don’t have to accept what life has given you.

You don’t need to settle… maybe You just need help finding your purpose, or a solid plan and the support so that you stay accountable and you start taking action in moving toward those goals. You really can have anything that you want, no matter what it is, but most likely it isn’t just going to happen to you. With all my heart, I want to help you to do it. To succeed, to thrive, to be happy and content so that no matter what happens, you have lived an amazing life and have left your mark on this world.


I am not a perfect man. I struggle……but I do strive to be my best every single day because at my core, I love hard. I am loyal to a fault, and when someone is in need, I must help them. This is why I started Fitness Retreat so long ago, and why I have dedicated my entire life to helping others, like you.

In my life, I am the person that my friends, family and acquaintances come to when they need advice. I think it’s because I care deeply, I want to help so strongly, but I also don’t sugar coat things. I am a straight shooter – I credit that trait to growing up in Pittsburgh. Ha, ha, ha.



I have learned so much over the years from the people that I have served, and the people who have helped me to serve others, and everything that is presented on this website is a culmination of advice, thoughts, wisdom, courses, apps products & services that I wholeheartedly believe in and support.

I want you to be successful no matter what.

I hope that this is just the beginning of our relationship together, and I’d love to find out more about you. The best way for you to get back the body you deserve, is to join me and my trained team at Fitness Retreat! I can’t wait to get you back on track.