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Congratulations Jami & Kara-  Clients & Sisters of the Week.. for each losing 6 lbs & more in their first week of Fitness camp

Jami & Kara were born and raised in Kansas. Kara works as a financial manager and office receptionist at their family owned childcare center and Jami is their Assistant Director. Both Jami & Kara developed PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as young adults which resulted in body changes and weight gain affecting their lives.  Kara was on the dance team at school and was active in sports but became bitter and mentally depleted from this diagnosis and sudden change. She went from a size 5 to a size 14 in a matter of months. The weight gain took a significant toll on her body and mental state alike, losing confidence, motivation and energy. Hiding her body with oversized shirts and hoodies with no self esteem or interest.  Jami and her husband were ready to start a family. With PCOS, Jami struggled to conceive, resorting to infertility treatments which are costly and unfortunately have not yet been successful for them. She knew if she were to adopt a healthier lifestyle, her chances would be greater. With the loving support of their mother who wanted her daughters to be happy, healthy, secure and confident again chose Live-in-Fitness as a reset and recharge for their lives.

When asked why they chose Live-in-Fitness?

We chose LIFE because it seemed to be the most practical for our budget, it has a lot of amenities and we loved the location.  We expected it to be more of a boot camp style but after being here it is much better than that. The atmosphere is so friendly but all while keeping you active and healthier.

We both feel really good about our progress! Losing 6 pounds in a week! That may not seem like a lot but to us, who gave up on all thought that we could lose anything is amazing. Not only the weight loss but  walking faster, moving more and the increase in our energy levels, we feel great. So far every aspect of the program has worked for us. Our Coach Ashley now is so motivating. When she’s with us in classes, the workout turns out to be more fun for us and before we realize it we’ve burned more calories than before because you lose track of time.

We have made great connections and great people which is so motivating.  We came here to learn and even though we still have two weeks left, we can confidently say enough if we were to leave today we have already enriched our lives with a new lifestyle.

When asked what advice would you give others for thinking about the program?

Just DO IT! You have to just jump in and know that you will be educated and given the knowledge and tools for a healthy lifestyle change.

Kara says – “It has to be hard so you will never forget” I know I won’t forget my time here and I certainly will NEVER forget the people I’ve met here.

Jami says- Commit to your goal and the program while you’re here. Listen to what the coaches say and don’t give in to the temptations.  You will make it if you try. The first week is hard but so worth it the reward of feeling good about yourself and what your future holds.

Thank you Live in Fitness and thank you mom for always believing in us.