Mental Empowerment

Mental empowerment and weight loss

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Jeneane lost 7 lbs in One Week


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Why LIF was my choice to make a difference

I don’t recall ever liking food. I would eat the well balanced meals my mother prepared but eating was a trial. So when I became an adult I thought I could do better and ate what I wanted when I wanted. A fast-paced, time driven career in television  helped put eating on the back burner. I used anything chocolate as my energy “go to” food and lived off one meal a day. In time that triggered stress diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, and weight gain. The weight gain brought with it joint damage that I medicated with chocolate and over time it became my drug of choice. I used chocolate to shield me from pain, loss, and disappointment. It gave me short-lived joy, and slowly stole my energy. I felt I need to have mental empowerement.

Some 30 years later, on the heels of the deaths of my oldest sibling and mother, just days apart, I went headlong into depression, then injured my lower back and spent eight month’s of last year trying to recover. During that period I stopped eating and lived off protein drinks of 140 calories each. I dropped 30 pounds from my 5’6” 315 pound frame. But I knew I couldn’t sustain that diet without a whole mind/body reset that I was Incapable of initiating. I started looking for help online and discovered Live-In-Fitness and signed up.

I chose LIF because it placed me in a totally different environment; not one of my own making. All I had to bring to the campus was me, and all I needed to focus on was Me. The structure was designed solely to help me understand food-what it was for, how my body used it and then to understand, and get to know my body again. For years I had allowed my body to be the least important part of my life. It got no respect. I just used it and grumbled when it didn’t perform well.

One of my main goals here has been learning to get off the floor and learning to walk without a limp. I had poor balance, little flexibility, and a litany of arthritic ailments. So I spent the first weeks paying attention to how my joints moved, dissecting when and where the pain hit and determining what would make it better. I walked every morning and swam. Pain prevented me from most group classes but I’d create my own schedule and stick to it. The first night I got here I tried to walk a block and needed to stop and sit three times. I was on a cane. Yesterday I walked to the Lighthouse and watched my shadow for my signature limp. It wasn’t there! My cane is in my closet.

Repetition is key for learning for me, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The lectures given here cover the same information weekly but I’ve never heard a repeat. I always get new nuggets. The food here is beautifully presented and always delicious. The chefs are as engaged in my success as each of the coaches who work with me. And the clients, those on this same journey with me, are my fellow encouragers, they truly become a cheer squad you can carry home with you.

Finally, I have to mention the Power of Four. It’s the workbook every client receives for one purpose-to create a plan for success when you leave. It’s proof to me the dedication the LIF team has to seeing me thrive when I leave, not just while I’m here. It’s one thing to work on you in a closed environment like a campus. But creating continued success when I return will bring challenges too. That workbook helps me take an unflinching look at my strengths and weaknesses,  triggers and roadblocks, and to focus on my goals and desires; helping me carve out my path to passion, sans chocolate.

I came here with one mantra, Just Do You, Jeneane. I’m leaving here in a few days to return to Maryland, quite confident I’ve learned how to do that. And the rest will be something marvelous.

Congratulations Jeneane!  For being our “Client of the Week” & an inspiration to so many.