Karen’s Inspiring Journey: Transforming Her Life in Just One Week


Karen’s Inspiring Journey: Transforming Her Life in Just One Week

Karen’s Incredible Transformation

Karen, a 65-year-old dental hygienist and avid world traveler from Columbia River Gorge, Washington, has experienced a remarkable transformation. In just one week, Karen lost 8.2 pounds, shedding an impressive 9.4 pounds of fat while gaining 0.12 pounds of lean muscle. Her story is one of dedication, resilience, and the power of a well-rounded fitness program.

A Turning Point

Back in 2019, Karen began to feel that her weight was becoming a significant challenge. The impact on her lifestyle was profound, leading her to withdraw from social activities and feel increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin.

Karen's Transformation

Us: “How did it make you feel or affect your lifestyle?”
Karen:“I was becoming a hermit the last 3 years. I felt embarrassed and didn’t want my friends to see me. My clothes didn’t fit and I was uncomfortable.”

Discovering Fitness Retreat.

Determined to make a change, Karen searched online for a comprehensive fitness program that focused on behavior modification. This search led her to Fitness Retreat, a program renowned for its professional fitness testing and emphasis on behavioral change, guided by fitness expert Eric Viskovicz.

Us: “How did you come about Fitness Retreat and first meet Eric?”

Karen: “I was searching online for a well-rounded fitness program that focused on behavior. I was attracted to this program because of the thorough workouts and science behind the testing.”

The Fitness Retreat Experience

At Fitness Retreat, Karen found the support and structure she needed to succeed. The program includes in-depth lectures on topics ranging from nutrition to goal setting, providing a holistic approach to fitness and health.

Us: “What so far about the program worked for you?”

Karen: “The behavioral part and access to food insight. The customized meal plan has helped me a lot. The biggest thing that has worked for me is that the program offers options for various physical limitations such as rotator cuff and bicep repair. My mobility and strength have improved greatly.”

Advice for Others

Karen’s journey wasn’t easy, but her results speak for themselves. Her advice to anyone considering the program is candid and straightforward.

Us: “What advice would you give to others contemplating attending the program?”

Karen: “Be prepared to work very hard and to have uncomfortable muscles and joints.”

Embracing an Active Lifestyle

Karen’s transformation has also allowed her to embrace a more active lifestyle. A typical Saturday at Fitness Retreat might include a combination of hiking and kayaking, activities that mark her renewed zest for life.

Karen’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of the Fitness Retreat program and the incredible changes that can happen when dedication meets the right support system. Her journey is an inspiration to anyone looking to transform their life, proving that with hard work and the right guidance, anything is possible.

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