Angela’s Inspiring Journey – 7 Steps to a Healthier Life

Angela's Inspiring Journey

Angela’s Inspiring Journey with the Fitness Retreat Program

Angela’s Inspiring Journey continues to motivate us all. Congratulations to our ‘Client of the Week’ – Angela! She has shed over 7 lbs in her first week of the Fitness Retreat Program.

Angela's Inspiring Journey



Angela hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a dedicated lawyer. As she approaches her 50th birthday this April, Angela reflects on her journey, balancing the demands of raising two teenagers and building a successful career. Unfortunately, this left little time for her own well-being. During an annual physical, her doctor advised her to lose weight. 

The extra pounds accumulated over the years, partly due to menopause, were beginning to affect her health and quality of life. Angela noticed a decline in her stamina, and her clothing size had increased significantly. Over the years, she had gained more than 50 lbs. Motivated by her doctor’s encouragement, Angela decided it was time to take action.

 She wanted to ensure a long, healthy life to be there for her children and future grandchildren. Determined to find the best solution, she began researching her options.

Why Angela Chose Fitness Retreat

When asked why she chose Fitness Retreat, Angela said, “I was researching facilities, and Fitness Retreat seemed to offer more than just workout classes. It offered me the comprehensive plan that I needed. I came not knowing what to expect. I figured it would be good to just focus on me for a few weeks. The program far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy with my progress. In just a week, I was able to double my pushups and cut two minutes from my two-mile jog/walk.”

The Power of Structure and Support

Angela found that the structure of the program and the support from her workout mates were key to her success. “It is all about the structure and my workout mates who encourage me to get going even before breakfast. The program has given me hope that I now have the tools to create a plan to keep the progress going and for me to reach my goals.”

Angela’s Transformation

Angela’s inspiring journey is not just about weight loss; it’s about reclaiming her health and vitality. The Fitness Retreat program provided her with a structured environment that was essential for her progress. The combination of professional guidance, peer support, and a comprehensive fitness plan made a significant difference in her life.

In the first week alone, Angela saw remarkable changes. Not only did she lose over 7 lbs, but she also improved her physical fitness. Doubling her pushups and shaving off two minutes from her two-mile jog/walk were significant milestones that boosted her confidence and motivation. These achievements were the result of hard work, determination, and the right support system.

The Importance of Self-Care

Angela’s story underscores the importance of self-care, especially for those who juggle multiple responsibilities. As a lawyer and a mother of two teenagers, Angela’s life was filled with demands that left little time for herself. However, her decision to prioritize her health has had a profound impact on her overall well-being.

Taking the time to focus on herself at the Fitness Retreat allowed Angela to disconnect from her daily stresses and concentrate on her health goals. This break from her routine was crucial in helping her reset and refocus on what truly matters – her health and longevity.

Advice for Others Considering the Program

Angela’s advice to others contemplating the program is simple: “It is hard to find time to disconnect from work, family, and obligations. If you can find the time and need a kickstart to a healthier life, this place is great. Near the beach. Warm weather. What else do you need? As Nike says, ‘Just do it.’ You have nothing to lose and much to gain.”

Her words resonate with many who struggle to find the balance between their responsibilities and personal health. Angela’s inspiring journey serves as a reminder that it is possible to make positive changes, no matter how busy life gets.

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Angela’s inspiring journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Fitness Retreat Program. Her determination and commitment to her health have set her on a path to a brighter, healthier future. Congratulations, Angela, on your incredible progress! We’re excited to see what you achieve next.

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