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At our fit camp Fitness Retreat, lunges are a quintessential exercise. You can do them anywhere and the effects can be seen in very little time at all. It shapes and tones your legs and backside. After leaving Fitness Retreat, you should plan on incorporating lunges into your routine, however, make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

Lunges train your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. They hit them all at once to burn some major calories! Ready to learn how to do lunges the right way? 

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Today Kate will be walking you through the proper form and practice of Standing Weighted Lunges. While forward lunges hit your glutes and hamstrings, this variation—often just called the plain ol’ lunge—also hones in on your quads for awesome thigh strength and definition. Check out this easy-to-follow guide and get ready to show off your best legs ever.

Got your weights?! Time to Lunge! CLICK BELOW!

This exercise is part of a giant vault of videos given to you when you complete our program. It’s just a taste of the kinds of fun and effective workouts we do at our fitness retreats. We provide a multitude of classes including dance, boxing, hiking, spin, yoga, and much much more! Check out our AMAZING DEAL and join us at one of our beautiful newest location in sunny Los Angeles!


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We are here to provide you with some very successful weight loss tips and tricks that we teach and preach at Fitness Retreat! If you want to burn fat and develop your stamina you NEED cardio. But running, cycling, and swimming isn’t for everyone. Many people choose to focus on competitive sports as their cardio exercise. That’s where BOXING 101 comes in. The perfect cardio exercise for anyone looking to learn a new skill, lose weight, and increase your stamina.

Arthur will walk you through a 20 min workout that will leave you feeling the burn in your entire body, sweating brutally, and with a good jump start on learning to box correctly. You will learn to punch properly, basic combos, and proper footwork all while forcing you to do the required cardio exercises you need for your daily workout.

Are you ready for this? Ding! Ding! ROUND ONE! CLICK BELOW!

This exercise is part of a giant vault of videos given to you when you complete our program. It’s just a taste of the kinds of fun and effective workouts we do at Fitness retreat. We provide a multitude of classes including dance, boxing, hiking, spin, yoga, and much much more! Check out our AMAZING DEAL and join us at our newest location in Los Angeles!


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At Fitness Retreat we’re huge fans of breaking it down to break a sweat. Not only is dancing a blast, but research has shown it can boost your mood, improve your body image, and cure anxiety. And if there’s one truth every person can agree on it’s this: The best kind of workout is the kind that doesn’t feel like work! And few exercises get as fun as this.

Today Alyssa and Amber will be walking you through one of our great cardio-dance workouts.

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If you’re not much of a dancer and not ready to hit the club or the gym with these moves yet, don’t worry. You can easily follow along and do this workout in the privacy of your own home. 

This beginner cardio workout will get your heart pounding, strengthen your whole body, and even bust a bad mood in a matter of minutes. And you need zero coordination to reap the benefits! Just crank the volume and press play!

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This exercise is part of a giant vault of videos given to you when you complete our program. It’s just a taste of the kinds of fun and effective workouts we do at our fitness retreats. We provide a multitude of classes including dance, boxing, hiking, spin, yoga, and much much more! Check out our AMAZING DEAL and join us at our newest location in Los Angeles!

How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Every year at the beginning of January, Americans flood the gyms to take on the most popular New Year’s resolution: get healthy. Before long, however, the crowds waiting to use the squat rack thin out and its back to normal. Sticking to weight loss goals is difficult and there are plenty of pitfalls along the way. Here are some ways to help you stay on the path to you weight loss goals:

Set Goals and Make a Plan

The number one most important step in successfully meeting your weight loss goals is to set realistic benchmarks and put in a plan to reach them. Many people set very general goals like, “I want to lose 20 pounds” without creating a plan. When they don’t see quick progress toward that goal they give up. Instead, give yourself benchmarks you can reach to build momentum. Commit to losing 5 pounds in two weeks and create a plan to do it.

Create a workout schedule and a nutrition plan and stick to it. That will give you something concrete to focus on as you move toward your goal.

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is a great tactic for more than just weight loss. Knowing what you are going to eat throughout the week helps save money and time. When you are going through your week without preplanning meals, you may be inclined to follow the whims of your appetite rather than stick to your nutrition plan. Plus, when the busy activities of your week start to catch up to you, you might be tempted to make the cheap and quick fast food option rather than preparing a healthy meal.

It also helps you keep track of the types of foods you eat to give you optimized nutrition to help you shed the pounds while giving you enough energy to take on the day and get you through your workout.

Preparing your meals every week may sound like a lot of work but most of the time, it can be done once or twice through the week. Say you want to have chicken and rice this week. On a Saturday, you can buy five chicken breasts, a box of rice, and five small plastic containers. You can place the chicken on a baking pan, sprinkle some seasoning on each (switch up the spices to change the flavor throughout the week), and bake it for 45 minutes. Then cook the rice while you wait. In about an hour you have a hearty and healthy lunch for the whole week.

Change Up Your Routine

If you’ve faithfully kept your meal plan and your workout routine for a few months but you feel yourself starting to get bored, you might be more likely to fall off the wagon. Plus, there are more benefits to shaking things up than simply spicing up your week. Of course, experiencing new healthy foods is more

enjoyable than eating the same old same old. However, it can help you find new healthy food options that you enjoy which will help your nutrition plan feel more like a lifestyle than a diet.

As for your workout routine, changing up the way you work out can help keep your body from adapting. When you first start a weight loss program, you may see immediate results but when after a while your body starts to get used to the added work you are doing. As your body adapts to be more efficient in your workout, it burns less fat and you hit a plateau. Changing up your routine can help break through that plateau.

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We have an amazing challenge for you! 

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But take caution: doing this exercise 200 times a day may put you at risk of having a bikini bottom by June. See picture below.

If you’re a Squatting Veteran, Squatting Rookie, or have had any trouble shaping your butt or legs and really tightening up, FEAR NOT! This is the perfect video for you.

Squats are one of the most popular exercises in the world and one of the ones most frequently done incorrectly. Although squats are considered to be a leg exercise, it’s really a full body movement that works almost every muscle group in the body. So whether your goal is to gain strength or lose weight, squats are one of the fastest ways to get there.

If this is the first time you’ve squatted, you might be intimidated about starting a new exercise. Don’t sweat it! Or rather..DO SWEAT IT! BUCK UP! We’re here to WORK! We’ll walk you through every step and make sure you’re doing everything correctly and getting the most out of your exercise! If you’re up to the challenge, do this exercise constantly, every day, and you will see the results you crave!

Click video below!

Remember: There’s only so much you can do on your own! Our fitness retreat specializes in intense, effective, and accurate techniques like this to get your body to absolute peak condition. These videos are part of the aftercare system you receive after completing our program at Fitness Retreat camp. Take your health and fitness to the next level and join us at our facilities in Los Angeles!


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Ask Eric:  “Help! How can I get control of my life & my weight?” 

Ask Eric:  “Help!  I feel life swirling around me, but am unable to enjoy it or get control of it.  This has resulted in me being in a very unhealthy place with my weight and my health. How can I get control of my life and my weight so that I can be happy?”

This is a painful question that so many people are struggling with in their lives.  The feeling that you cannot have the things in your life that you most desire.  The reality is, that you absolutely can, and I am going to spend the next few weeks helping you to do just that…..get control of your life, your health and  your weight, so that you can achieve all of the things that you desire!  


You might be thinking, “Fighting Monsters?  Is this guy serious?”  Obviously fighting monsters is an analogy, because as you’ve been told from a very young age, there’s no such thing as monsters.  However, you were afraid of them, and that fear was very real, not to mention some of the actions you took to avoid them.  So, if the concept of fighting monsters seems silly to you, think of monsters as anything and everything that stands in the way of you achieving your life goals, as well as your fitness and weight loss goals.  And if, by some freak occurrence, we discover any real monsters along the way, we’ll mess them up, too.


If we’re going to be fighting monsters together, you probably want to know a little bit about the guy who will be fighting with you.  Specifically, what makes me a monster-fighting hero who can melt pounds off of you with superhuman mind powers?  Well, unfortunately for both of us, I’m not a superhero, and I can’t telekinetically make you thin, healthy and happy.  I’m just Eric Viskovicz, a regular guy who has battled some pretty fierce monsters over the years, including a debilitating stutter, a propensity for binge eating, and an 8-year-old monster named Bernard

I’m also a guy who loves what he does.  I love getting results.  I love seeing people happy and successful.  I love that people from all walks of life, including several elite athletes and celebrities, have turned to me to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.  But mostly, I simply love that I’ve chosen a path (that I’m still on by the way) of self-reflection, self-honesty, dedication, discipline, and determination.  Because I’ve taken this path, I‘ve been rewarded with my beautiful partner in crime, Sarah, our three awesome children, and a successful fitness business that affords me the opportunity to do the one thing I love to do most: Help people like you.

Before we march off to battle, it’s important that I give you a little background on the L.I.F.E. Power System that we use at Fitness Retreat.  This is the formula for success that I’ve developed over the last couple of decades, and it works where other programs, fad diets, gimmicks, etc. don’t.  How?  It’s based on sound scientific principles, from nutrition science and kinesthetics to cognitive therapy and meditation techniques.  But the key to the system’s success is that we work from the inside out, moving from your thoughts to what you tell yourself, then ultimately to nutrition and exercise.  In other words, we’re going to kick the you-know-what out of the monsters that have been inside of you for years; we’re going to beat down those that dwell outside of you, and then we’re going to live a healthier, happier, fitter, fuller life.

Like you, every person I help, and have helped, is different.  They have different ages, genders, body types, shapes, sizes, and goals.   They also, like you, have a very distinct group of monsters that they have to face, and usually quite a few of them.  So many in fact, that instead of listing every possible monster you might encounter, I’m going to classify them into manageable groups:

The Monster Under the Bed – These are the monsters you can’t see or hear.

The Monster in the Attic – These are the ones you can hear, and the sounds, at times, are so frightening that they’re paralyzing.

The Monsters Inside You – These are specific to you.  They are born with you and will always be inside you.  These we’re not going to fight necessarily⎯ we’re going to tame them.

The Monsters Around the Corner – These show up on a daily basis and try to trip you up.  We are definitely fighting these!

 In the weeks to come we’ll delve into exactly who and what these monsters are and how we’re going to defeat them.  All right, it’s time to go kick some ass!  Don’t be scared… I have a battle plan and a whole bunch of sweet weapons.

Stay tuned Until Next week when we tackle our first monster, “The Monster Under the Bed”.  And if you are itching to get started and make the changes you need to make right now, check out our life changing program at Fitness Retreat and you will benefit from Private in Depth Sessions with Me where we will battle the monsters together!

— Eric Viskovicz, Founder —

4 Steps to Keeping our Brain Healthy

True healthy living isn’t possible without a healthy brain. This includes giving the brain the nutrients it needs as well as mentally/psychological health. Often it’s next to impossible to get the rest of your body on track before you get your head right. Here are 4 ways to keeping your brain healthy.

1. Bond with people
Being social with others requires our brains to be extra engaged. During social interactions we are reading body language and facial expressions, and showing empathy for people. Connecting with others also results in positive emotions, which fills the brain with chemicals that keep it healthy.

2.Stay physically active
As people age the brain can shrink. Though in those who regularly exercise this change does not happen. Exercises helps keep brain tissue healthy and increases the connections in the brain. It also helps keep neurons healthy and alive.

3.Eat Fish
Want to reduce your changes of Alzheimer’s by 60 percent? Eat more fish and regularly intake Omega-3 fish oils. Eating fish at least once a week slows cognitive decline by 10 percent.

4. Work it out
Treat the brain like any other muscle. To keep it strong or to make it even stronger you have to exercise it. Constantly challenge your mind to learn more and grow. Learn new skills, take classes, learn a new language, read more books, etc. It all goes a long way to helping the brain stay fit.

The brain is a vital part of the body that often gets neglected by fitness buffs. We tend to focus on working out the rest of our bodies and forgetting about the most important organ of all. Follow these steps to make sure you keep the mind in mind while living a healthier, happier life.

Our weight loss retreat can help educate you and jumpstart your journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle. At Fitness Retreat we take your age, fitness levels, and personal goals into account to create a personalized weight loss program.

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4 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

Exercising can be a very expensive way of life. But it doesn’t have to be. With all the machines, gym memberships, and supplements you can dump money into their are much cheaper substitutes out there. Here are 4 ways to get fit on a budget.

1. Exercise at home
If a gym membership is to expensive for you you could easily work out at home. There are lots of exercises you can do at home and cheap, small, effective equipment you can get. The internet is also filled with great exercises to help you out. Our webstie is exactly like that. Giving you tons of helpful hints and work out videos.

2. Cheap gyms
Some people just prefer the routine of going to a gym. And it’s a good habit to have. It makes you much more productive to have to get out of the house to exercise. Some memberships can be pretty costly but if you look hard you can find some great deals. And if you already have a membership that’s to costly tell them you’re leaving for another gym. They may knock a few bucks off for you.

3. Go outside.
There are plenty of cheap activities you can find to stay healthy. Joining a sports team, jogging, surfing, tennis, rollerblading, etc. All great and relatively cheap ways to stay fit. It’s also a good way to have fun and not lose interest.

4. Weight loss camps
Although the initial cost may seem expensive in the long run the results versus amount of time and money spent can really be worth it. There are great camps out there that can get you in shape quickly and help you keep the weight off. The cost can be jarring but consider the amount you’d spend getting much less impressive results from a regular gym over a longer period of time.

If you are creative and inventive with how you work out there is no excuse to getting fit. People tend to want to wait to get started until they think they can afford it. If you follow our steps and do a little research and trial and error you’ll find you can get fit on any budget.

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