Suzanne lost 13 Pounds in Two Weeks


Suzanne lost 13 Pounds in Two Weeks

The results we achieve at Fitness Retreat are second to none. Our focus is on losing fat while maintaining lean mass, enabling your body to maximize fat loss. Our signature program is unique, offering a no-nonsense approach to fat loss that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. We incorporate comprehensive testing, including assessments of lean mass, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and metabolic evaluations to create personalized strategies for increasing metabolism. Our signature Athlete Program is particularly effective, resulting in the highest increases in RMR—even among clients in their 70s.

Congratulations to Our Client of the Week, Suzanne!

“It was almost exactly what I typed and searched when I came across your website. It was perfect!” says Suzanne. She was immediately interested when she read that the program would provide meals, accommodations, and professional guidance from staff and coaches. Suzanne signed up that same day, eager to join a program with proven results as long as effort is put in.

Suzanne’s biggest struggle had been her eating habits, using food as comfort, especially after the lockdown. Living in Las Vegas, a city known for its entertainment and dining, she found herself indulging in restaurant meals post-lockdown. Now, Suzanne has learned healthy meal recipes she can cook at home, saving money and improving her health.Suzanne

“I am very impressed with the staff, activities, and having a watch to track all calories. This is life-changing! Just to know where you are at every moment,” says Suzanne. She plans to lose another 20 to 30 pounds in the next three months. Suzanne advises others considering Fitness Retreat to “listen to what the staff says, eat the food the chef gives you, and participate in every class and activity. That way, you never have regrets leaving the program and know you gave it your all!”

Suzanne’s favorite quote, “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone” by Neale Donald Walsch, has become a personal mantra. She adapted it to “My body begins at the end of my comfort zone,” believing that true body transformation starts when you push beyond your comfort limits.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and step out of your comfort zone, consider joining Fitness Retreat. The journey will be challenging, but the rewards are invaluable.

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Suzanne’s remarkable transformation with Fitness Retreat is a testament to the effectiveness of our program. By focusing on fat loss while preserving lean mass and incorporating personalized strategies for increasing metabolism, we have helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals. As pioneers in customizing weight loss and fitness programs, we are proud to introduce The Fit Culture App, revolutionizing the industry with tailored programs for all. Whether you are an athlete, a star, or someone just like Suzanne, our app provides customized meal plans and fitness programs to suit your needs.
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