A Real Results Driven Program an Alternate to traditional Spa’s that don’t work.

At Live In Fitness Retreat you will be traveling to our Arizona Mountain Retreat where you’ll get top professional training, a customized meal, and fitness plan set according to the goals you have set. Everything will be ready for you; all you have to do is have the fire. We plan to challenge you with our workouts and exciting adventures. We are dedicated to helping you center your mind, motivate, and inspire you. With the help of our relaxing resort and spa, this is no problem. It doesn’t matter how much you are trying to lose or how fit you are trying to get, Live In Fitness Retreat will accommodate to your needs.

“Over the years we’ve had many successes & certainly some failures. The approach we’ve used to fitness, engineered food, behavior & mind has started a new Industry: The Fitness Retreat Industry. As pioneers, we have paved the way for the Biggest Loser Camps, Spa Fitness Programs and we are so proud of all of our success stories and we will continue to love our clients and our team. We dedicate ourselves entirely to all of our clients’ successes. May no client get left behind.”

– Eric Viskovicz, Live In Fitness Retreat’s Pioneer and Guru

Phoenix Arizona is the ultimate place to have a Weight Loss Camp because of Weather, Culture, the Mountains, and Outdoor Exercise.

15 minutes from major Airports.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Location and Program.

Our Comfortable Rooms are a home away from your Home. We are not a hotel, we are not a Spa.

  • Our Rooms are Air BnB that people stay a ( Due to covid we have changed how we do things, call for details*

Simply said …We get results!

Choose From Private Rooms, Single Rooms, and Shared!

We have different room types to fit your Budget.

  • * Please make sure you understand what you signed up for. *

Note: We contract air bnb’s for our housing and contract out our meals and training.

Fill Out for A Free Consultation: You are one step away!

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