Karen lost  9.4 pounds of fat in one week

Total Stats 1 Week

Weight loss 8.2 pounds

Gained .12 lbs of lean + Fat loss 9.4 pounds of fat

 Karen Lost 8.2 Pounds In 1 Week

Karen is a 65 year old dental hygienist and world traveler from Columbia River Gorge, Washington. In the year of 2019, she felt that her weight was starting to become a challenge to her. 

Us: “How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?”

Her: “I was becoming a hermit the last 3 years. I felt embarrassed and didn’t want my friends to see me. My clothes didn’t fit and I was uncomfortable.”

Us: “How did you come about Live In Fitness and first meet Eric?” 

Her: “I was searching online for a well rounded fitness program that focused on behavior. I was attracted to this program because of the thorough workouts and science behind the testing.”

Live In Fitness is known for its professional fitness testing and behavioral aspect by the fitness guru Eric Viskovicz. Each and every day of the week there is an in depth lecture on anything from nutrition to goal setting. 

Us: “What so far about the program worked for you?”

Her: “The behavioral part and access to food insight. The customized meal plan has helped me alot. The biggest thing that has worked for me is that the program offers options for various physical limitations such as rotator cuff and bicep repair. My mobility and strength has improved greatly.”

Us: “What advice would you give to others contemplating attending the program?” 

Her: “Be prepared to work very hard and to have uncomfortable muscles and joints.”


Just a Typical Saturday

An amazing combo of Hiking and Kayaking marking this special day at Live in fitness.

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