Congratulations to our ‘Client of the Week’ – Angela for shedding over 7 lbs in her first week of the LIF Program.

Angela is from Atlanta, Georgia is a lawyer by profession. Angela will be turning 50 years this April and has dedicated her life and time in raising  her two now teenagers and a successful career. This of course did not leave much time for Angela to focus on herself. During an annual physical her doctor told her she had to lose weight.  The extra weight gain over the last couple of years, some in part due to menopause was starting to impact her life and health. Angela no longer had the stamina she once had and it was showing in her clothing.  Over the course of a couple of years Angela gained over 50 lbs. The doctor’s words of encouragement propelled Angela into taking action. She wanted to live a long life and be around for her children and grandchildren. It was time to refocus and formulate a plan with goals so she began to research her options.

When asked why she chose Live-in-Fitness?

I was researching facilities and LIFE seemed to offer more than just workout classes.  If offered me the plan that I needed. I came not knowing what to expect. I figured it would be good to just focus on me for a few weeks.  The program far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy with my progress, in a week I was able to double my pushups and I cut two minutes from my two mile jog/walk.

When asked what so far about the program has worked for you?

It is all about the structure and my workout mates who encourage me to get going even before breakfast. The program has given me hope that I now have the tools to create a plan to keep the progress going and for me to reach my goals.

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

It is hard to find time to disconnect from work, family and obligations.  If you can find the time and need a kickstart to a healthier life this place is great.  Near the beach. Warm weather. What else do you need?

As Nike says ….”just do it.”   You have nothing to lose and much to gain.