Fat loss 10.89 pounds of fat Gained 1.89 pounds of Lean

Fat loss 10.89 pounds of fat Gained 1.89 pounds of Lean

Jane Lost 8 Pounds in 1 week

Jane is a 53 year old that works at horse shows from Kelowna BC, Canada. She first heard about Live In Fitness by a google search for a weight loss camp. Over the years, Jane gained a chunk of weight and sustained it. She could never drop the weight she had gained.

Us:How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?”

Her: “ I always felt defeated, ashamed, and embarrassed.”

Us: “What were your biggest struggles?”

Her: “ Binge eating and never being able to take weight off on my own.”

Live in Fitness is all about creating a new healthy lifestyle through the psychological and physiological parts. How? Eric V’s program is built on behavioral lectures, macros, exercise testing, and exercising 5-7 times a day.

Us: “What is your opinion on Eric’s philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching.”

Her: “I really like the idea of how he balances carbs, proteins, and fats. He is very knowledgeable about his work!”

Eric Viskovicz breaks it down point by point on his nutritional lectures about macros and how the body works with them. He leaves all his client’s with so much knowledge before going home. 

Us: “What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement?”

Her: “If you’re reading this then you’re trying to decide if it is worth it? IT IS! It is absolutely worth it for yourself and will change your life. DON’T HESITATE!”

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