Your job is stressful? No time for yourself? Taking care of others? Depressed? Divorced? College? Our Program can help!

Are you someone that is serious about Maximizing fat loss?

We push you as hard as your body will allow us to based on your level, age, weight, and overall health. We use science, and testing, and use that data to customize meal plans and engineer results based on the lean mass increase or decrease. This tells us a great deal about your metabolism. Due to clients’ different body types and ages, results may vary from person to person.

Are you looking for a Spa?


We are not a Spa! We are not a hotel. A lot of people are looking for a spa to relax and unwind and maybe lose some weight. Spas are great we are just not one we are a fitness experience or fitness adventure. We do everything from hiking, sports, spinning, weights, kayaking, and much more. Our environment is in an open-air sports hangar facility. We Are not a hotel but a results-oriented fitness retreat mixed with an Air BnB. We had our fitness retreat in a spa for 6 months -10 years ago they simply do not work for getting results.

Do you need to learn how to lose the fat and Keep it off? 

We have our signature behavior program and workshops using Eric’s signature Power of 4 life coaching series. As well as our behavior program we have an amazing aftercare program that took 11 years to design and implement. Complete with Recipes, Nutritional guidance, life coaching, calorie tracker, and a fitness program with over 100 workouts.

During Covid, we have moved the training to our Open-air hangar. That way we can stay open due to the fact that at any time we can have an open-air Gym. A serious environment for serious people.

Each Day Starts with an Amazing Hike

Each Hike is Paced at the level and Ability of the person/client.

At Live In Fitness Retreat we are a fitness camp dedicated to training your body to the max with our professional coaches, providing the finest nutritional plans, and taking you on wonderful adventure Hikes each morning at our Arizona Mountain Retreat.

  • 5:30 Breakfast Bar or shake
  • 6:00 Morning HIke of the Day
  • 8:30 Morning Round-Up
  • 9:00 Gym 101
  • 9:30 Upper Body Blast
  • 10:30 Pain in Tush
  • 11:30 Free Time
  • 12:00 Testing
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 1:00 Spin Workout
  • 2:00 Flexibility & Mobility
  • 3:00 Intro to LIF Plan
  • 3:30 Park Boot Camp or Water Workout
  • 5:00 Dinner
  • 5:30 Rest

*Example day Workout each day is different and may not be exactly like this

Day One Breakfast: Blueberry pancake with poached egg and turkey bacon Lunch: Grilled Chicken, Berry’s, and walnut salad Snack: Crudite & Hummus Dinner: Tomato/Red pepper bisque, Lamb chops, sweet potatoes and snow peas Take Home Snack: Banana Cream Custard Day Two Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and cran/blueberry muffin Lunch: BBQ Pork sandwich and Coleslaw Snack: Chocolate Protein Shake Dinner: Side salad and Turkey meatloaf with asparagus Take Home Snack: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Day Three Breakfast: Oatmeal, eggs and chicken sausage Lunch: Bleu cheese turkey burgers with tossed salad Snack: Ceviche with baked tortilla chips (Hummus & Baked Tortilla chips) Dinner: Tomato soup, Salmon fillet, wild rice and broccoli (Pork Chop) Take Home Snack: Butterscotch pudding *Example day menu each day and week varies due to seasonal items and the Chef

Our Competitive Edge

We push people as coaches and have years of science and hundreds of thousands of pounds lost. In order to get these results we test, regulate, customize, and work on mobility, movement, and activity. In order to achieve lasting results, we have to understand food as fuel, work on mental and behavioral pieces,s and burn calories based on our desired weekly goal.

Please remember we are not a Spa nor are we a hotel! Most people who come to our facility are either not ready to make a lifestyle change, Not willing to accept or recognize the reason why they needed to come here in the First Place, and usually do not have the desired results and success.

Our Focus is on Fat loss

Our Focus is on Gaining Mobility and Flexibility

Our Focus is on Making a lifestyle change through behavioral change

Our Focus is on keeping lean mass so we can sculpt, and gain strength an stability, To maximize fat loss.

Our Fitness Retreat What’s Included

Complete Fitness Assessment and Testing


At our Fitness Retreat  We provide full-range, state-of-the-art physiological testing to determine where you are physically when starting your program. We then take the results and implement a nutrition and workout program tailored to scientifically ensure your success. Some of the testing, nothing painful, you’ll undergo includes: RMR testing, VO2 Max, Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing, and a complete 360 body Scan and Posture assessment.

Coached Exercise

At our fitness camp training coaches will help guide you in the exact direction you need to go. By making your program personalized to your fitness needs based on your level, abilities, goals, and age we will customize the ideal path for you.

Nutrition and Engineered Cuisine

A meal plan will be designed to your nutritional needs. Customized to your weight, lean mass and RMR, every meal is weighed out to your exact macronutrient. Don’t miss out on your nutritional lectures and workshops followed up with Q & A’s. All Meal Plans are engineered or customized to the individual and accessed using our patented weekly testing and analysis system.

Behavior Change and Planning for Home

Our Group Life Coaching classes focus on changing the behavior behind weight gain. Live In Fitness Retreat’s signature workshop and lecture series will help guide you and give you the tools you will need after leaving our fitness camp. Eric’s Signature Planning for Home will help you finish the puzzle and get you on a quick path to a stronger mind and body.

After Care Program

Our After Care Program may be one of the most unique thing that sets us apart from every other Program.

This program is a carefully designed over 8 years of blood, sweat and hard work. The aftercare program is a complete extension of our program that has changed lives for the last twenty years. We collected over 20 of the best sports coaches, trainer to the stars, nutritionists, life coaches, and doctors in the weight loss and training world to ensure a culture of people working together to make sure you have all the tools  you need to  keep the weight off. 

 Complete with Behavioral, Nutrition, and complete workout videos including yoga, sculpting , muscle training, cardio, core, boxing and muscle building.  A meal plan that is a continuation of the successful program used by sports teams and for weight loss. Our meal plan is complete with recipes, weight loss or muscle building programs all complete with a chef to cook along with by beside you. Plus much much more.  We love what we do and have spent the money to ensure you have continued support. 

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Fitness Retreat Adding Years Onto People’s Lives

For Over 22 Years



We believe that true happiness comes from body & mind confidence. At  Fitness Retreat we are a fitness camp dedicated to training your body to the max with our professional coaches, providing the finest nutritional plans, and taking you on a wonderful adventure at our Arizona Fitness Camp.

What our customers say about us

“I came here to lose 25 pounds and lost 30. I can now wear that sexy backless dress I bought!”

“I didn’t want a spa, and I knew I needed my butt kicked to see my abs again… got em back!”

“I lost the baby fat and gained a ton of muscle.”

“Would I say the program is hard? Yes, it’s incredibly hard, yet it’s worth every penny and ounce of sweat.”

“I lost a complete person, but what I gained is a new confident self.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was able to do by the end of the program.”

Results may vary, and are not guaranteed. Every guest’s body is unique and will respond to the diet and exercise programs at Live In Fitness Retreat differently.