Michael lost 11.6 pounds of fat in One Week at fitness camp


Michael is a 61-year-old part-time special needs teacher and real estate professional. Growing up, Michael was a very active person. When he hit his 30s, he noticed a change in his weight. His biggest struggles were snacking and binge-watching TV. One day Michael had a big wake-up call. This big wake-up call was a stroke. “I felt like I was in a downward spiral and a lot of pain” -Michael. He knew then his body needed the change. After doing research online for a Fitness camp for adults, he had found the LIF program and immediately wanted in! Now that he has been in the program he has noticed a lot of wonderful changes to his body!

Us: “What did you expect when coming here to LIFE fitness camp? then & now?”

Him: “I did not expect to lose the weight that I did at fitness camp. Right now I would say the program meets all my expectations.”

Eric V. has given him a-lot of accountability on keeping his overall health aligned. The upbeat exercise classes and very informative lectures have really worked for him! He now understands in order to get results-driven he has to put in maximal effort into each and every exercise class. 

Us: “What do you look for in a Coach at fitness camp?”

Him: “I like someone who can gently criticize me and help me improve!”

Michael liked getting the extra push and feedback at Lifestyle fitness camp on each exercise movement he performed in each class. He learned so much that he can now take home the proper form and exercise techniques! There is a great variety of exercise classes that he took part in. “Boxing was my favorite class to learn and to be part of!” -Michael

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