Rosario Lost 8.8 Pound in 1 Week

Monisia lost 7.7 pounds in 1 Week 

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Congratulations on Client of the Week!   you’re going to be famous……… great work on your weight loss  & lean mass gain Rasario. By sharing your story it can inspire others to follow in your steps becoming athletic and fit. 

How did you come about Live-in-Fitness and first meet Eric?  I first heard live in Fitness from my friend Monisia. She was telling me how much of a good program it was and that she really wanted me to try it out she went last year and fell in love with it so I decided to go with her this year to test it out. I too fell in love with it the bootcamp-style fitness that I was used to. I had first met Eric here at the live in fitness program at Hangar 9 he was very informative.

 Rosario is a 30 year old soon to be coroner born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She came to our Adult weight loss camp Arizona She first heard about the Live in Fitness program from her good friend Monisia. Monisia had come before to the program and raved about how powerful it is. With all of the positive feedback of the program, both of them came together for one week and strived for success. 

Us: “Did and if so, how did the experience and change impact you in school and did it help you in any future life choices and decisions?”

Her: “ This experiencear Adult weight loss camp Arizona has impacted my life in a positive way. I had made changes to my house and eating habits as well as my exercise routines. This will also help me with my kids at home. I believe that these workout routines will also help my kids and benefit them in their house knowing that we’re trying to change and they can change as well.”

Us: “What did you enjoy about the program? lectures? staff? clients? Me?”

Her: “ I enjoyed Adult weight loss camp Arizona the morning hikes the staff was really good they like to push you to keep going and not to give up the lectures were very informative and how to put a perspective and help you get ready for when you do the apart from the program”

The biggest aspect Eric V.’s program strives for is to send his brewing exercise expertise to his client’s. The lectures, exercise classes, meal plans, and testing are the biggest parts to the program. Rosario learned that the program is very serious and helps you aim for success in the end. 

Us: “What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?”

Her: “ This is a serious workout programAdult weight loss camp Arizona that I highly recommend. It’s not a spa program, this is a boot-camp fitness program. People should expect to get their gluteus maximus worked off kicking butts shaping guts.”

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Monisia lost 7.7 pounds in 1 Week 

  Monisia is a 33 year old certified nurse assistant from Tucsan, Arizona. After giving birth to her third child, she could not handle things correctly. She then searched online for a life changing program and first heard about Live in Fitness in 2019. Her first time meeting Eric V was in the Long Beach, California program. Then she came again in the Scottsdale, Arizona 

Us: “What were your biggest struggles?”

Her: “Maintaining sports such as running and playing with my children”

Us: “What did you expect when coming here to LIFE? then & now in Adult weight loss camp Arizona?”

Her: “ I expected the boot camp structure. And wanted more weights. In the Long Beach LIF program it helped me maintain my meals and structure. I brought a support system this time. We supported each other emotionally and physically. The program does work and is still great. I would like to bring back the Long Beach Snacks”

At Live in Fitness, Eric V teaches his expertise structure with the following areas focusing on: exercise testing, meal planning, nutrition lectures/workshops, variety of exercise classes, and much more!

Us: “What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program Adult weight loss camp Arizona?”

Her: “When you’re ready to give up, remember why you’re here, you want to live your goals, get back up.” 

Us: “What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement? Motivation”

Her: “The program gives fantastic results if you put your heart into it

Coming to life helped me. I struggled through covid but I had the basics down so that things didn’t get too out of proportion.”

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